Wednesday, December 29, 2010

About me

If this blog were a book, this post would be the preface... because I feel that I should explain a little more about {me}.

I {in plain-faced font} am just simply me... a 30-something mom with two kids and a husband. Happy, but stuck in the proverbial rut.

gc {in bold-faced font} is also me, but she is a wiser version of myself. gc knows all of my insecurities, but knows ways around them or through them. In fact, she embraces my imperfections. She is the future me. Someone I am on a journey to know and become.

No, I am not schizophrenic.

Why the anonymity? Because I have had blogs in the past, and I have found myself editing and censoring my words. Even though I never told friends and family that I had a blog, I was always afraid that they would find out. Not that I ever wrote anything bad about anyone... This time around, I'm keeping it anonymous. For all intents and purposes, I need a place where I can be totally honest and speak my truths.

Oh, and yes. Anyone who read my previous blog, Graceful Creative, will recognize me.

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