Tuesday, January 4, 2011

{assignment #3} follow up

This is the follow up to yesterday's assignment: Design a rubric for your life.

home + stuff
We are 100% unpacked and moved in. We have weeded out and eliminated everything (toys, clothing, household items) we don't use and/or love. Every item has a home. Kids rooms are decorated to be creative, inspirational, and functional. Our bedroom is clean and serene, and airy -- a place of tranquility and calm. The kitchen + great room is something like this.
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House is full of daily fresh flowers and many live plants & trees.
**We don't have to be totally finished with our renovation, but we need to have made considerable progress.

fashion + personal style
I "get dressed" at least 5 days a week (as opposed to wearing my workout gear all day long.) I own two pairs of perfect jeans (that make my ass look fantastic!) I have eliminated all things from my closet that are ill-fitting, have stains, or holes. I only own things that I wear regularly and LOVE. I have developed a certain look -- maybe boho chic? I own a kick-ass pair of boots. I have a growing collection of accessories -- scarves, hats, long necklaces, earrings,... I have mastered the "smokey eye", as well as the quickest "get out the door but still look hot" make up routine. I have mastered "California beach hair."

SJP's casual style
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I have started a collection of sexy lingerie. Collection is still growing because they are quality pieces. I {almost} always go to bed feeling sexy. (can't account for sickness or certain days of the month) I have gotten rid of all old pajamas that are undesirable and frumpy. j and I have a healthy intimate life -- sometimes romantic, sometimes spontaneous. j and I have a standing date night, twice a month -- and nothing interferes with it.

I know exactly how much we are worth because everything is organized and accounted for. We set monthly goals for paying off the mortgage, and we have stuck to them June - December. (In January - May, we were paying for RENT + mortgage, so we weren't able to overpay.) We were able to set up an additional bank account to save for the future purchase of an Airstream trailer. I transferred my strs account to something better. I substitute teach 6+ times a month.

friendships + community
I have at least two good (local) girlfriends. Meaning, I can call them and say, "Blah! I've had a $#@&* day... let's ditch our families and go out for dinner." I volunteer in both kids' classrooms. The kids have made good friends and I involve them in regular play dates. As a family, we enjoy having other families over for a meal once a month.

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rest + relaxation
We went on a tropical vacation and it was awesome. So awesome that we have already started budgeting for the next one. Every sunny weekend, there was at least a few hours set aside for beach, hikes, or just playing together. For colder, wetter weather, we were creative and found other things that the whole family enjoyed.

creativity + learning
I get at least 1 hour --every day-- of uninterrupted me time. I studied flower arranging through books and resources. I practice 20 minutes of Spanish, five days a week.

body + wellness
I weigh 140 (give or take 2 lbs.) I have body confidence and no longer spend any time trying to camouflage the size of my hips and butt. I listen to my body and eat only as much as I need. I don't count calories, points, or carbs. I start every day with a green juice smoothie. The rest of my day is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables and local fish and lean meats. I exercise five times a week, but it is not excessive. I am strong and flexible, and my body is free of body aches and pains. I am headache-free. I am up to date on all medical appointments, such as gynecological, dental, dermatological, and allergy-related.


  1. First of all YAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY you're back!! I'm a little happy about that :)

    I love, love this post. It all sounds perfect.

    PS. It's a little frightening how similar we are!

  2. @ Laura~
    I'm still unsure if I should "publicize" this blog or if it should just be a *safe* place for me to share my thoughts and dreams.

    Either way, I'm glad you found me. I think we are very similar, with similar hopes and dreams. {hugs}

  3. I totally understand..I had a private blog but deleted it last year, kind of wish I hadn't now. I might start another because it would be nice to have somewhere just for me.